Book Reviews

Some of our community's most influential voices took a peak inside of Nweze's work and were blown away by his style and way with words as it relates to inner city truths ... these are their thoughts ...


Professor Lefty

Artist/Poet/Graphic Designer

"The way this connects and pieces itself together, revealing more of the person, is quite visceral."


Rah Digga

Recording Artist

"These are the type of lyrics that I wish I could hear in music."


Akintola Hanif

HYCIDE magazine, Founder/Editor-in-Chief

"Keith Middleton hits the nail on the head with this one."


daphne benyard

Daphne Haygood Benyard

Counselor and Psychology Professor at Essex County College
Also, Professional Published and Performing Poet

"I take great pleasure in recommending these poetic statements of truth from the pen of Mr. Keith Nweze. His artistic self-examination is worthy of exploration. He inspires the reader not only to participate in his life's journey, but also, to contemplate one's own thoughts, feelings and sentiments. This fine writer should be commended for having the courage to disclose his inner most fears and secrets. I thank him for sharing his genuine love for poetic gestures, and the honest delivery of a fine collection of stimulating and thought provoking works."


eric b

Eric B.

Recording Artist



"The Black Collection should have been entitled “The Dope Collection”.  When a young man is a student of rap and he confesses that I was once his teacher, you get a conscious collection.  What separates a true man from the meek is the respect of history…  Much love and respect."


Saladin of Newark



"The ills that plague the inner-city are continuous. Middleton's collection offers an opportunity to open discussion and raise awareness to be prepared and combat those ills."

jahjah shakur

Dr. JahJah Shakur

True School University, Founder and C.E.O. 

"The Black Collection is a profound memoir of urban social solutions to urban social problems ... The Black Collection is hot. Believe the Hype!!!"




"His illustrative depictions bring the reader face-to-face with not only the underbelly of society, but the hidden caverns of our own subconscious."

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