About Raw Thoughtz

Raw Thoughtz, LLC was started by Keith Nweze as a platform to launch his books from. He soon realized that Raw Thoughtz had the potential to be the foundation for not just his written words, but his spoken words and collaborative community efforts as well. Raw Thoughtz, LLC has thus evolved into the core of Nweze's overall mission: to educate young people and adults alike on self-awareness, artistic self-expression and conflict defusing communication skills.

Keith reaches out to all denominations of faith, non-profit organizations and educational institutions, which act as powerful platforms, to get his message out to the community-at-large. Public speaking, interactive panels and writing workshops are the vehicles through which he relays his message.

Our Products

Raw Thoughtz produces paraphernalia designed to bring awareness to the community Nweze serves. Buttons, t-shirts books and posters are some of the items listed in the Raw Thoughtz product catalog.

About Keith Nweze

Author and entrepreneur Keith Nweze is a Houston, Texas native born to Cecile Elliot and Ike Nweze. At a young age, Keith and his family relocated to the borderline of Maplewood and Irvington, NJ where he later became a basketball varsity letter at Columbia High School and again for the Gothic Nights at New Jersey City University.

His interest in sociology and passion for helping people earned him key positions at agencies such as the Department of Youth and Family Services, Pre-College Upward Bound Program, The Hyacinth Foundation and currently, The Department of Health and Community Wellness in Newark, NJ.

Keith's community based work in the social services sector and his love for hip-hop music helped shape his passion for poetry. He finds it fascinating that thought provoking dialogue can spark from seven lines of text. Out of that same passion his company, Raw Thoughtz, LLC, was birthed. Raw Thoughtz became the platform Nweze used to self-publish six poetic masterpieces including his latest works, Struggle and The Black Collection.
Mr. Nweze's journey from growing up with a short attention span to entrepreneurship has taught him three valuable lessons: learn to grow from constructive feedback, believe in yourself no matter what and push to continually grow in your craft.

The outgoing and creative father of two (Kyree and Laila) is on a mission not likely to die down any time soon. Keith Nweze is applying his lessons learned in order to take Raw Thoughtz, LLC and his written works of art from colleges to coffee tables around the world to make reading fun in our community again.

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